Dynasty Football League

Improved Scoring Coming in 2024

2024 New 2024 Scoring Final Details Coming Soon!


We need Running Backs (RB) and Receivers (R) to make a better contribution to a team’s points. 

The top five Running Backs on the Top Performers list: 46, 69, 70, 73, 74

The top five Receivers on the Top Performers list: 35, 54, 55, 57, 58

Top Performers 1-35 are all QB's & K's


Coming Changes

1) Point per reception: Running Backs and Receivers would get 1 point for every reception.

2) Point per rush: RB, R and QB would get 1 point for every rushing attempt.

3) To update the points per yards. Lower the necessary yards before earning points, so lesser or committee Running Backs, Receivers and Quarterbacks can score points for less usage in their teams’ offense.

4) Adding minus points for interceptions and fumbles.


I have run several scenarios and have come up with an advanced scoring method that will enhance the league

The standings form last season would not have changed but brought the teams closer in total points


Salary & Contract News

2024 Contract Rosters (updated March 17, 2024)

2024 Player Salaries (updated March 17, 2024)


2023 Player Cut Lists (updated August 23, 2023)


League Schedule

2023 Draft: Friday, August 25, 2023 @ 7:30pm


Week 1 thru 4: Every Wednesday Night

No Drop & Adds Week 5 & 6

Week 7 thru 15: Every Wednesday Night


Trade Deadline Week 14: Wednesday, Dec. 6

Last Drop & Adds Week 16: Wednesday, Dec. 20


New Drop and Add Sheet

NEW Drop and Adds sheet!

Teams can only drop and pick-up 6 players per week!

Teams unable to come to Drop & Adds, send me an email with an attached pdf file with your drops and adds. 
The pdf file must be downloaded to your computer and opened in Acrobat, to be able to fill in the form.

Click image to download and"Drop and Adds" form. If needed save to computer.

Fill it out and email the pdf file to: jeffnovy@gmail.com

When saving change "Team" to your team name. Change "WK" to current week.

Eaxmple: Team_WK_cutadd_form.pdf - to - Redeye_WK3_cutadd_form.pdf


The League

The Dynasty Football League was founded in 1998, and has been running ever since with continued growth and improvement. The Dynasty Football League is a keeper league format with three main components, a salary cap, auction draft and free agency system.


League News

The kick returner position has been removedfrom the league

We are now a 18 week season, so payouts will be after week 9 and week 18

Line-ups are due before the start of the game, for games that day (Thursday games due Thursday at game time and Sunday games due Sunday at noon.)

If Team owners are able to turn in their pre-draft cuts, before draft night. It would help the Rookie Draft and Free Agent Auction get started quicker.


2023 Rookie Draft Order

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1  Stormers  Stormers  Stormers
2  Red-Eye  Red-Eye  Red-Eye
3  Red-Eye  Chief Sooner  Headbangers Ball
4  Brady Yoda  Gopeders  Brady Yoda
5  Brady Yoda  Chief Sooner  Chief Sooner
6  Gopeders  Gopeders  Gopeders
7  Wiseguys  Wiseguys  Wiseguys
8  Nov's Nasties  Headbangers Ball  Nov's Nasties
9  Larry Legends  Headbangers Ball  Brady Yoda
10  Diamonds & Rust  Headbangers Ball  Diamonds & Rust
11  Van Tap  Brady Yoda  The Firm
12  Stormers  Stormers  Stormers


Weekly Wavier Wire

Added a page to the site. Click on "Weekly Wavier Wire" text/button in the left column menus. For a quick look at who was cut and added for that week


Refresher Rules

• If My Fastasy League switches a players postion, the player will also be switched on their Dynasty roster.

• A franchise must keep a waiver wire and/or free agent pickup player for a minimum of two weeks

• Franchise's will be fined, a points (100 + ) penalty for not paying league fee by week 4.