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League Rules

The League

A.J. Hoff Memorial Armchair Quarterback League is a full NFL season, total points league. The league uses a basic/performance/distance scoring method. This type of scoring provides the ultimate all-around fantasy football league. By rewarding players for the times he scores, the distance of that scoring play, and his overall performance in the game. This makes every starting player a valuable commodity. At the end of each week, franchise player’s points are totaled, and then added to their season total, producing a best to worst league ranking or standings. The franchise with the most total points by the end of the NFL season is declared the league champion.

Player Positions

At the fantasy draft, each franchise will draft 27 players. Of the 27 players selected on drafted day, 13 will be used in their weekly starting lineups.

# Drafted Type of Players # Started
2 Quarterbacks 1
4 Running Backs 2
4 Wide Receivers 2
2 Tight Ends 1
2 Kickers 1
2 Kick Returners 1
2 Defensive Linemen 1
2 Linebackers 1
4 Defensive Backs 2
3 Rookies 1

The player’s position listed on My Fantasy League management site, is the position the player must be drafted for. With the exception of Kick Returners and Rookies. If there is a question about a player’s position, then it must be brought to the attention of the commissioner. The commissioner will make the decision for the particular players position.

Multi-role and/or two-way offensive/defensive players can be drafted for any position (ie. DB/KR/WR, can be drafted as a DB, KR and WR), but can only be started in the position in which he was drafted. No player can be drafted at two offensive or two defensive positions (ie. no player can be taken as a RB and a WR, or LB and a DL).

Rookies can only be drafted and started as rookies. What is a rookie? Any player that has never been on an active NFL roster and/or playing his first year in the National Football League - is a rookie. If a player has played in the WLFL, USFL, WFL, CFL and/or AFL and has never been on any NFL team roster during the regular season, then he can be drafted as a rookie.

My Fantasy League will determine if a player is a rookie or not. If there is still a conflict with players experience, the commissioner will review the player at and make the final decision on said player.

No Player Trading Allowed

The Draft

The league draft is held on the Friday before the first regular season game (unless other wise noted). The draft order is the reverse of last years final overall standings. The draft goes from 1st pick thru the 13th pick then reverses from 13th thru 1st then reverses back and so on (the snake).

When an owner is “On The Clock” they will have 3 minutes to make their selection. When a teams 3 minutes are up, they will be move down one pick, and make their pick after the team currently on the clock.

No franchise is allowed to draft for another franchise. If a franchise fails to show up for the draft, they must arrange for someone else to draft for them (NOT ANOTHER FRANCHISE). If they do not draft, they will be given the opportunity to draft remaining players the next day.

The franchise will hold the rights to a drafted player, even if a drafted player gets hurt, gets cut, or is traded.

If a new franchise is added to the league, then that franchise will be put on the end of the draft (pick 13). Current franchise owners will have the option of moving the new franchise up, if they so choose.

Starting Lineups

A starting lineup must be turned into the, prior to the start of the game first game of that day. Thursaday players start on Thursday, and Sunday for Sunday and Monday games. Teams can change their line-ups as many times as, up until start of the game.

If a franchise does not turn in a lineup at all by game time, then the lineup from the previous week will be used for the week. After the first game has started, no lineups will excepted - no exceptions.

Providing an owner does not turn in a lineup for a second week in a row, the owner will be fined 50 points. In the event an owner does not turn in a lineup for a third week in a row, the own will be fined 75 points, and he will move back one place in the draft order the following season (ie. if you pick second you would move back one and pick third, with approval from team being swapped). When a franchise owner fails to turn in a lineup for four weeks in a row. There will be an emergency meeting held for remaining owners, to vote on a lifetime dismissal of the franchise. (For reasons of - if the owner does not want to play, there is always somebody that does.)

Season Drop and Adds

There will be three season player drop and add opportunities. They will be held after the 4th, 8th and 12th weeks of the regular season. The franchise with the lowest point total after each of these weeks, will select first and so on.

Each franchise owner will have the option to cut up to 3 players during each session. The franchise will then draft the same number of players and positions they cut. (ie. if an owner drops a QB then he must replace him with a QB).

These are straight drafts, no snake.

No franchise is allowed to draft for another franchise.

League Commissioner

Current commissioner: Jeff Novy
A. Coordinate all league business
B. Setup and run the halfway draft

Statistics Source

The fantasy football league management web host service will be the official source for statistics used for tabulating player points. In the event a scoring error is made. That franchise needs to bring the error to the attention of the league office, prior to the next weeks games (after that it is to late) with printed proof from two sources. If the error is deemed legitimate, the points will be added to the same weeks score. Any league decision will be FINAL.

Franchise Fee

There is a mandatory yearly franchise membership fee of $60.00 (CASH ONLY...NO CHECKS). This fee is due on draft night. If you cannot pay then you will have until week 4 to pay. Starting:
Week 5: 100 point loss
Week 6: 200 point loss
Week 7: 300 point loss
Week 8: 400 point loss
After week 8 your franchise is removed from the league.

The money collected will be divided and paid out in two segments. All payouts will not be paid until the Friday after week 8 and 17. The first half is weeks 1-8 and the second half is weeks 9-17.

Payout is: First & Second Half - 1st = 150; 2nd = 75; 3rd = 50; 4th = 25

Last Place Award

The team that finishes last from the preceding season is entrusted with the setting up and running the draft. Unless other arrangements have been made. Draft location must be 20 minutes of league HQ.

League Rulings

All money matters are ruled on by the Commissioner and will be FINAL. All other league business will be determined by a league vote at league meetings, with majority wins, tie decided by commissioner (owner must be present to vote).